Afferro Mining Inc Shareholder Information

Settlement of the acquisition consideration

If you held your Afferro Mining Inc ordinary shares as physical certificates and you still have the old Afferro share certificate, please contact Computershare, who operated Afferro’s register of shareholders.

If you have already sent in your Afferro share certificate, or held them electronically and have yet to receive your consideration for the acquisition by IMIC plc, please contact Neville Registrars, who operate IMIC’s register of shareholders.

If you hold African Aura or Mano River shares and have not exchanged them for shares in Aureus Mining and Afferro Mining following the demerger in 2011, please contact Computershare.

Convertible Loan Notes

The convertible loan notes are listed on the Irish Stock Exchange.

IMIC plc is not currently aware of any financial institution making an active market in the convertible loan notes. As such, there is not a public price for the instruments and trading will be on a matched basis.

For further information on trading and pricing, you should contact your broker. IMIC plc is not a regulated financial institution and does not intend to assist in matching buyers and sellers.